Mindfulness: Benefits I have experienced: Part One, 1

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The first breakthrough was dropping the victim attitude and lifestyle. Taking actions, strenuous aerobic exercise, meditating five hours a day, research and reading of ways to improve, and finally mindful application filled my day with positive effort.

Before I found meditation, my blame was aimed directly at my father. Hate, resentment and rage filled my life.

After finding mindfulness, my perception changed. Letting blame go brought total responsibility to my doorstep.

Until we take responsibility for our life, healing is impossible.

Benefit two: Depression has not visited me in many years.

Mindfulness taught me to let go of the Ego’s needy thoughts. When melancholy grips me at supposed low moments, my practice takes over.

Meditating has built my focus and ability to take a step back, observing the thoughts from a distance.

As always the culprit is my adolescent “Ego” bombarding me with needy thoughts of me lacking something or someone wronging me.

By letting these thoughts fade, then focusing on my senses, calm enters my being. My breath can dissipate cortisol and adrenaline as it energizes my parasympathetic nervous system, the brakes.

That melancholy mood withers without attention.

Where we place our attention has the greatest impact on our life!

Anyone have a different most powerful skill?



2 responses to this post.

  1. i meditate and pray from time to time. it definitely helps and i should do it more. i use writing, drawing, rapping, playing bass, dancing, photography, and creative stuff like that to get through stuff and i have been concentrating on it more in recent years and i’ve come a long way

  2. Good for you

    Makes me smile

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