Complex or Simple: ways to heal

Pixabay: Englund



Changing life is simple, definitely not easy, bordering on extremely difficult. Most paths are complex, arduous, and long.

One path is immediate, change happens instantly.

Where we place our attention has immediate consequences or rewards, depending how you judge it.

Example: Yesterday Vic shared how a belligerent skateboarder tormented him and then broke his side mirror.

This display threatened his manhood, he surmised. Our male “Egos” resemble a peacock displaying those feathers, sensitive to any threat.

Here is the place where our choice determines life. Place your attention on being a victim, wronged and ridiculed, or use your Focus to resist judging.

Your “Ego” is pissed, accept the adolescents unrest, or take a breath, and smile. Your practice overrides the “Egos” attempt to control behavior (mind).

We can let the skateboarder own his own behavior without any personal involvement.

We could smile at the wisdom of seeing the big picture, the importance of placing our attention on worthy objects.

Know how destructive, some of the thoughts our “Ego” brings forward.

Discount, laugh, ignore the “egos” judgments, victimhood!

The duration of time Vic spends ruminating has shortened, he is improving.

Vic has worked on awareness, listening to the inner critic. Worked on building focus and letting judgments fade without attention.

Healing is not immediate or massive usually, it happens in small increments after daily practice and application.

Hopefully seeing Vic progress using mindfulness skills will inspire you to try.

Healing and happiness are an internal way of living, being.



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