A metaphor for Consciousness

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The Transparency of Things by Rupert Spira:

Imagine a room filled with people conversing. In this metaphor the space of the room is this conscious, witnessing Presence that we call ‘I’.

The people are thoughts and images, bodily sensations and world perceptions.

There are all sorts of people in the room: large, small, kind, unkind, intelligent, unintelligent, loud, quiet, friendly, unfriendly… a complex diversity of characters, moving, changing, interacting, appearing and disappearing, each doing their own thing.

What does the behaviour of these people matter to the space of the room?

Does the space have anything to gain or lose by trying to change any of the people?

Is the space itself changed when one of the people changes?

The space is independent of the people, although the people are dependent on the space.

The space is present before the people arrive, it is present during their stay and it is present when they depart.

In fact, it is present before the building was constructed and it will be present after it is demolished.

It is always present.

The same is true of Consciousness.

Whatever is being experienced in this moment is taking place within Consciousness, and Consciousness itself remains as it is at all times, unmodified, unchanged, unconcerned.

Consciousness is what we are, and to be as we are is the highest form of meditation.

All other meditations are simply a modulation of this meditation of abidance as we are.

To begin with, meditation may seem to be something that we do, but later we discover that it is simply what we are.

It is the natural condition of all beings.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vic on October 5, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    It appears my consciousness is in disarray yesterday afternoon and still today. My PTSD in full stress, with limited ability so far to meditate and breathe through it.

    Yesterday morning I mediated and felt at peace. I went to my volunteer gig to transport some waste to be recycled. During my travel a skateboarder decided he should stand in the middle of the road blocking traffic. I asked if he could move to the side. He became belligerent, cursing at me after i passed. At the next light he continued his assault, punched the side of my truck, then ran past my window breaking my side mirror as he ran off. I felt violated. I wish i could have run him off the road, or sprayed him with mace, or got out of my truck to smash his head against my bumper. But instead, i stood helpless, feeling old and just drove off.

    I continue to torment myself for not taking action. My fear of legal ramifications on top of my cowardly feelings haunt me.

    The room is the same, but my happy calm is lost in there somewhere.

  2. Again thanks for sharing

    We practice in times of calm so we build strength and focus

    If you can breathe, inhale, pause, exhale, pause

    Well breathing happens whether we focus or not or we wood be dead

    With my past, this scenario would trigger many of the same emotions

    Can you tolerate, taking a step back

    Look at how pissed your ego is, he feels violated, he feels responding violently was the one true action

    He feels the torment

    Wait torment is a big judgment

    Skateboarder is just another inconsiderate ass in life

    Many many more out there

    To have to stand in the middle of the street in a skateboard to gain power or attention seems juvenile and worthy of pity in my book

    He probably did not even own a car

    Look at the power and time you have invested already

    The skateboard would enjoy what he did more if he knew he got to you this deeply


    Not really but the Ego feigns amazing importance

    Can you see who is in control when you accept feeling cowardly and helpless

    This scenario will probably never happen again

    Or if it does think of responses for you

    Laughing and putting your car in park

    Ignore him

    Go around

    Calm and happiness are still there

    No one can take our inner power

    Look where your placing your attention

    You are living yesterday over and over

    Skateboarder could give a shit

    He has moved on to aggravate the next person

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