Enquiring Minds want to know: Lack and Public Speaking

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Remember, happiness as the absence of a sense of lack.

Definitely I feel a big sense of lack with public speaking. I am jealous of those who can opine publicly.

We all have lack, depends on the severity, I guess.

I could obsess over my lack of skill in many arenas.

How important is a skill like public speaking?

Exploring my lack, a realization hit me.

My perceived lack was based on thought, judgment and emotion.

My lack could grow or dissipate with my input.

Interesting! Exploring further, my investment of time and attention, wasted so much time on the negative.

This lack was big in the past but has shrunk to an inconvenience in the present.

In my last post, Vic in a response, shared he enjoys public speaking but feels incompetent in my more personal conversations.

For Vic, being adept at public speaking did not lead to happiness. For me, being incompetent at public speaking caused me years of doubt and worry.

We all have our areas of incompetence and awkwardness.

As usual, it comes down to how we think about our areas of incompetence.

The one skill that transcends this, the ability to focus and let go.

The ability to direct our attention away from judgment and emotion to our Aware Presence, can lead to calm, peace and happiness.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vic on October 4, 2019 at 6:25 pm

    For the “being content in the present” I avoid the things I know disrupt my calm. I am trying to keep my mind clear during meditation, but find I need to bring my thoughts back from their journeys and focus on breath again.

    When not meditating, life’s interruptions are always present. I struggle with this still, however, i am trying very hard to only filter the better received thoughts in. An alternative which I somehow have pulled away from (maybe due to age and no longer feeling i need to prove myself) challenging what I feel I lack. For instance, putting myself in public speaking situations to lose that heart pounding fear. Or, as i humorously rephrased, “think of ones self as naked” in front of the audience.

    I don’t know if I’m fooling myself at this time with my thoughts and feeling of progress. But, for now, I’m going with it as it feels right. And that seems okay in my quest for calm and happiness.

  2. Vic is part of my mindfulness group. Thanks for the input.

    It is difficult to know where we stand or where are we at on the healing or happy graph. Our blind spots are invisible.

    The direct path, meditating tries to clarify what’s real and what is memorex.

    I would word your accomplishment of placing your attention on the positive or present moment, not avoiding the negative but the results are the same.

    We all have thoughts during our meditation sessions. Think of your practice as a marathon. The race is our journey of experiencing each day as special, then move to the next day.

    Leave the trash and bring your increased focus, gratitude and heart of giving.

    We need not be perfect but we are improving getting better.

    Do not test your progress to often.

    Put all effort into practice, effort and results will happen.

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