A crazy time in my life where lacking was absent

Pixabay: geralt



My journey meditating and improving has revealed counterintuitive truths.

Surrendering is the ultimate power for instance.

Three years ago, Guillian Beret paralyzed me from the neck down.

In ICU, being in a life and death situation, somehow I accepted my situation. My daughter just had a baby who had a chest infection, so I was on my own.

Having just relocated months before, I had no support system.

You would think I would feel enormous lack, fear and anxiety.

We say Why me?

I had blogged for a couple years championing the power of a meditating practice.

Why not me?

Somehow I accepted the challenge and decided I would smile and greet everyone with kindness.

Refusing to feel sorry for myself, to worry or doubt became my mantra.

Testing my willpower and meditation practice against this disease was the challenge.

Looking back, my scariest time was the first day home alone. What I had just experienced, overwhelmed me when the journey ended.

My focus and acceptance had never been more acute.

Now, I try to repeat this acceptance with mundane life.

When have you entered a task with total acceptance?



2 responses to this post.

  1. wow! that’s an impressive story. i have had to face things with radical acceptance at times. i used to be the kind of person who said “why me?” and “i can’t do this!” but i have changed due to some of the things i’ve lived through too

  2. Thanks

    Good for you

    Sometimes we act and leave thought alone and good things happen

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