Can we Step out of Now into the past by one second?



Presence Volume one: The Art of Peace and Happiness”

“Try to step out of the now.

Try to take a step out of the now into the past by one second.

Can you do it?

Try to step one minute into the future.

Where do you go?

Where could you go?

If we stay close to our experience we find that this now is the only now there ever is.

It is eternally now.

This now is not going anywhere in time.

There is no time present in which it could travel forwards or backwards.

The now is not a moment in time.

It has nothing to do with time.

It is not made out of time-stuff.

What is the now made of?

The now is ever-present, and so it can only be made out of something that is also ever-present.

What in our experience is ever-present?

The mind, the body, the world?

No, only our self!

The now is our self.

We are not present in the now–we are the now.

The now is not a container that holds our self along with everything else.

It is our self, eternal Presence.

What motive is there for our self to avoid the now–not our self, a body or a mind, but our self, aware Presence?

Prior to thought there is no motive in our self.

Even during a motivating thought, the motive is only that thought.

All motives are for thought, never for our self.

Thought alone believes that a motivating thought is a motive for our self, but the self that has a motive is an imagined self.

That imagined self doesn’t have a motive; it is a motive–a movement of resistance or seeking, away from the now into an imaginary past or future.

The true and only self is inherently free of any motive, plan or purpose.

It is that for and out of which all motives, plans and purposes are ultimately made.

We are pure peace and happiness, which know no resistance to the now, nor any desire to replace it.

It takes thought to resist the now and seek to replace it with a better situation of its own imagining.

Prior to that thought there is no motive to leave the now, to seek peace, happiness, love or enlightenment in the future.

So, in order to seek peace, happiness or love in the future we must first forget the true nature of our self in the now, that is, we must forget that these qualities are present here and now in our self.

The search for happiness, which is another name for unhappiness, is simply the forgetting of our self.”



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