Dethrone the inner critic!



Recently, I changed my focus teaching mindfulness. The basic way to meditate has stayed constant with an addition of a body scan.

Beyond meditating things have changed. I bring challenges for the week. The last two weeks it has been exploring our inner critic.

Certain stressful situations had impacted two of the group.

Of course the initial reaction following our thoughts, lead us to habitual routines, judging the event.

Some judge this stress as further reinforcement of our unworthiness or we label the situation horrible.

Horrible makes our experience “Horrible”.

This is a perfect time to apply our mindfulness (focus) skills.

What is your inner critic saying?

First, it has judged something as horrible that is not. It has brought fear and panic into this situation to gain control. Our inner critic uses outrage to dominate behavior.

The inner critic wants control not our wellbeing.

An inner critic need not be extinguished but should be used sparingly.

Another discovered his inner critic cursing at him for things he wanted to say but didn’t, or comments he did say he regretted.

Look how horrible the inner critic behaves.

He found this dam could break with the slightest mention or thought of an event.

It is amazing to witness, someone seeing the inner critic at his/her nefarious best.

Small actions always start with this awareness.

Now the challenge is to discover more and discredit the critic.

Dethrone your inner critic!!!!!



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