Small, specific, concrete, immediate actions

Pixabay: klimkin



If you desire the mind to engage fully, entice it with Small, specific, concrete, immediate actions.

The mind languishes looking for ways to accomplish future abstract goals.

Abstract goals in the distant future do not connect with daily action.

Change needs concrete, specific and immediate goals.

My Meditation/Mindfulness practice fulfills all of these requirements.

Focus on the breath is the most immediate, concrete action we have as humans.

We can survive days, even weeks without much food or water, but lack of oxygen kills in minutes.

The breathe is our foundation of life, wellbeing and direction.

Following my breathe leads me below the bias of my “Ego”.

My Aware Presence becomes dominant for short periods of clarity and delight.

My life and world views receive proper alignment every time I meditate.

Judgments, negative thoughts and emotions are filtered effortlessly.

Cleaning out the negative noise freed me to enjoy more of life.

Self worth grew, giving expanded, and gratitude filled my soul.

Opportunity is available for all of us.


One response to this post.

  1. I am not capable of living with my aware presence engaged all the time or maybe even a majority of time however

    I can access my focus and let thoughts fade when needed

    It is my armor, my practice that gives me security

    I can handle damn near everything that life offers

    A big tragedy or crisis can always take over a life

    Build the ability to focus to let the noise fade and improve your wellbeing

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