Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry,

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We can not fix everything at one time. I believe a laser approach to healing works far better than a shotgun blast.

Working on one specific issue, symptom or habit at a time has benefitted me the most.

Let’s concentrate on Worry!

A little bit of worry, momentary anxiety is not what we are addressing.

If you are a worrier, life is dominated by an over active mind, finding danger in the near future.

Our worrier can spot danger no one else can see or sense.

Worriers create suffering that may somehow happen later.

Worry is predicting future loss. Worry enough and that prediction becomes reality.

First, Worry robs us of any chance of happiness, now.

All my time to invest in myself is lost on negative, emotional noise.

The Worry ship is captained by our “Ego”.

Champion of being upset, outraged, jealous, angry and anxious, our ego never finds another “Ego” equal to it.

When we Worry, the “Ego” is in total control.

The “Ego” is always in control when we venture into the past and future without direction.

If your a worrier, leaving this moment to think is like a beer to an alcoholic or a fix for a drug addict.

Worry seems to have a power to consume an entire life.

How does worry impact your life?



4 responses to this post.

  1. I have a lot to worry about. Yet, others in my life were never satisfied. I couldn’t do enough to meet their expectations. So, even if I can convince myself that the best I can is good enough, I have a torrent of people saying, “No it’s not!” Even people in the helping profession. No one takes it easy.

  2. That is not easy

    The most important voice is internal

    Find supportive peers or group

    Discount the assholes

    Try to enjoy life as much as pisdible

  3. For sure. I’m learning that a lot of people just aren’t good for me. And getting more comfortable with avoiding them whereas before I would push through it and get drained. I think they reverberate with something that is already in me that doesn’t allow me to rest. Life should be enjoyed! I’m trying to think and live that way.

  4. Good for you

    Negative people drain us

    Never entertain a negative thought about yourself or let it go if it appears

    Keep up your effort

    Makes me smile seeking others fighting for their wellbeing

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