Enquiring Minds want to know: Duration?

snapped in parking lot where I hike.



Duration, the amount of time we give to an object, subject or thought.

Dissociation, leaving this moment to think about the past or worry about the future, owns the farm, dominates “Duration”.

Depression has ceased in my life for years now.

I will not give a negative thought or a depressed thought any attention.

Depression receives no duration, so it died. It can be resurrected with attention.

If you have complex PTSD or PTSD, the amount of time you spend ruminating in thought (duration) multiplies the power of your symptoms.

The more time spent away from this moment, the more our thoughts, disorders and afflictions seize control.

I have insight now, being able to experience the difference of suffering helplessly with PTSD to enjoying life, even feeling content moments.

For me this is huge.

My father told me I was wrong, not good enough, constantly, it was his coaching (parenting) style.

I knew criticism was coming, so life was never settled, safe or ok.

Something would be wrong, criticism was imminent and I was always worried. Criticism was merged with violence towards me at times.

I have found these underlying feelings in my self talk and self image.

These thoughts get less and less attention.

It is a battle when childhood abuse reaches a certain level.

Fight and have gratitude for your ability to resist, to risk, to live.



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