Pilot post: Enquiring Minds want to know segment: Moods!!!!!!!!

Pixabay: tjuusitalo



I was in a bad mood, I just was not thinking rationally.

We have all heard this or maybe even used it to explain bad behavior.

Do moods have power over us?

Moods seem to have thoughts and emotions attached to them.

Interesting, another “Ego” driven way to control behavior.

Sorry, I was in a bad mood, it wasn’t me!

Yes it was you, a mood is no excuse.

The hell with moods!!!!!

Oh sorry, I felt justified anger at my mood. Is this another mood?

I guess, letting the emotional thoughts fade collapses that mood.

Where we place attention determines if we

Dissociate or stay present,

Worry or have confidence,

Become hypervigilant or remain calm and content,

Have panic attacks or accept the unknown (PTSD danger),

Become rigid or open up,

Suffer or enjoy life.

Mindfulness practice limits the duration of any mood.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I have a mood disorder (bipolar). My brain is fucked up. I used to use it as an excuse for bad behavior. Now I know better. You CAN control negative thoughts and emotions. #mindfulness

  2. Good for you
    Incredible attitude and effort

    All we can do is to try our best

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