Key Developmental Arrests In Cptsd

Pixabay: Devanath



Complex PTSD: From surviving to thriving

What follows is a list of some of the most common developmental arrests that occur in Cptsd.

You may find that you experience a diminishment or absence of these key features of healthy human being.

Typically, survivors will vary on which and how many of these arrests relate to them.

Factors affecting this are your 4F type, your childhood abuse/ neglect pattern, your innate nature and any recovery work that you have already accomplished.


Clear sense of identity



Capacity to draw comfort from relationship

Ability to relax

Capacity for full self-expression

Willpower & Motivation

Peace of mind


Belief that life is a gift



My efforts to nurture myself in these arrested areas of development were limited and spoiled in early recovery by a feeling of resentment.

“Why do I have to do this?” was a common internal refrain.

Resentment that should have been directed toward my parents often boomeranged onto me and spoiled or thwarted my efforts at self-nurturance.

Thankfully ongoing recovery work helped remedy this resentment. It taught me to practice self-care in a spirit of giving to a child who needed and really deserved to be helped.



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