The Inner Critic is not your friend!

Pixabay: Devanath



Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving:

“Permanent abandonment, public humiliation, lethal illness, lonely death, imminent attack, and penniless homelessness are common endangerment themes of many survivors.

One of my clients identified his inner critic endangerment process as: “My critic, the horror movie producer”. This made me think: “My critic the terrorist”.

If I had to describe the two most key processes of the critic, I would say this.

First, the critic is above all a self-perpetuating process of extreme negative noticing.

Second the critic is a constant hypervigilance that sees disaster hovering in the next moment about to launch into a full-court-press.”




My two cents: Our inner critic became dominant during our childhood abuse, know our goal is to overthrow this tyrant, this despot of suffering.

We must decide to support the inner critic or Aware Presence.

Ruminate or stay present, suffer or live free.

It is a moment to moment battle, the marathon of life.

The secret is to focus on this moment, then move on to the next moment without baggage!



2 responses to this post.

  1. My inner critic is insane. Literally lol. Just ask my psychiatrist 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could hear each other’s inner critic for a moment

    I believed I was a born worrier. My father never said a kind word to me and criticized constantly.

    I say this not as a victim but to acknowledge my inner critic was accepted as gospel at an early age

    Life has been tough berated by my dads utter ego my inner critic

    Well that was then and this is now

    My inner critic can kiss my ass

    Evolution has happened for me

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