C-PTSD environmentally, not genetically, caused.

Pixabay: johnhain



Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving

“First, the good news about Cptsd. It is a learned set of responses, and a failure to complete numerous important developmental tasks.

This means that it is environmentally, not genetically, caused. In other words, unlike most of the diagnoses it is confused with, it is neither inborn nor characterological.

As such, it is learned. It is not inscribed in your DNA.

It is a disorder caused by nurture [or rather the lack of it] not nature.

This is especially good news because what is learned can be unlearned and vice versa.

What was not provided by your parents can now be provided by yourself and others.

Recovery from Cptsd typically has important self-help and relational components.

The relational piece can come from authors, friends, partners, teachers, therapists, therapeutic groups or any combination of these.

I like to call this reparenting by committee.”



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