Observing the Thinker




Aware Presence, I used to describe this as our true self, is the observer of our mind and body.

Our mind and body changes with age, our Aware Presence stays exactly the same.

Aware Presence only exists in the present moment and is not part of the body or mind.

That means we have no memory of our Aware Presence. The thinker has subsided when our Aware Presence comes forward.

Remember we can observe our thoughts and the thinker.

Our Aware Presence observes this Thinker.

Each time we meditate, our goal is to hook up with this Aware Presence.

Start today, meditate for five focused minutes. Start small and enjoy the journey.

No matter what we carry in our memory banks, the amount of worry we have stressed about or the trauma that haunts us, it has no impact on our Aware Presence.

Let thought go, release guilt and shame, try to be present, without thought.



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