Aware Presence part one, 1,



From “The Art of Peace and Happiness”

For a mind that has become accustomed for so many years to knowing only objects–that is, to focusing its attention and interests on the body, mind and world alone–it is inevitable that the desire to know oneself as some kind of a subtle object will persist.

We will search for this aware Presence and try to make it an object of our knowledge or experience.

However, if we return again and again to the experiential understanding that our self is the knower or witness of all objects, it becomes clear that it cannot itself be an object.

It is our simple experience that our self is present and aware but has no objective qualities.

As this experiential understanding deepens, so the attempt to search for our self as an object decreases correspondingly.

But the inability to know our self as an object does not mean that our self cannot be known.

It simply means that it cannot be known in the way that an object is usually known, that is, through the subject–object relationship.

Our true self is known in a more intimate and direct way, simply through being.

In fact, we discover that the only way to know our self is to be our self and not to mistake our self for any kind of an object.




My two cents: The author details that this “Aware Presence” is not contained in the mind or body.

It is the observer of the mind and body.

It is not limited by the mind or body.

It has unlimited ability. 😎



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