Taking action: the PTSD road that is less travelled

Pixabay: Tama66



What has to happen for you to take action.

Why is change so Hard?

Why will we suffer in our current situation then refuse to change, take action?

I have no answer or justification for mans refusal to try to be happy or maybe just find peace of mind.

I have asked therapists, trainers, observed people on PTSD discussion boards and concluded around 5% try after a month.

Why is change so hard?

I do not believe there is a simple answer.

Takes courage, willpower, daily consistency, the correct skills and some intangibles.

Every situation is different but look how few people heal.

PTSD is epidemic, 20 vets have committed suicide daily for last three years, and the civilian population is in crisis.

Complex PTSD takes even longer to heal and the available couches are limited.

With our current system, what percentage of sufferers actually have access to therapy?

In my mindfulness group and on blogs you can see the need, see how many are suffering.

Why do we avoid trying to get better then live a damaged life?

Any insight or suggestions.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I see this too and it makes me sad. The work of healing can be intense at times. Sometimes it is really hard but never as hard as sitting in the pain and reliving the pain over and over again because you haven’t taken a step. Every small step leads to more freedom.

  2. I agree

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