Surrender is the way we battle PTSD!

Pixabay: mohamed_hassan



Matthew Ricard explains happiness as a two part journey, first refuse to ruminate in negative thought, next put yourself in situations that happiness inhabits.

It is mandatory we accomplish the first requirement (not dissociating) or happiness loses any chance of becoming reality.

Awareness of our self talk becomes necessary.

Like a resume, we reconstruct a worthy “Ego”, overflowing with self approval and kindness.

Healing and happiness are an internal uncovering of the perfect real self, hidden inside our trauma.

We are not constructing a worthy being, just letting go the cloud which conceals the real me (you).

You and me are as worthy as every being on this planet.

If you lived through childhood abuse, being worthy is not a sentiment we are familiar with.

Realize the real battle, it is not trying to influence the noise.

Letting the noise exit is our goal.

Surrender is our sword in the battle of PTSD!



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