Our Self Image should be like a Resume



I created an identity, an ego, I called Marty.

This ”Ego” was heavily influenced by my childhood, my first caregivers.

Childhood experience is combined with how others treat us, how we perceive this treatment, how we see ourselves and other subconscious factors.

This identity is called Marty. (I, me, mine)

We revise this concept of “Ego” when something happens to us. We can reinforce our current perception or maybe some success has bolstered self image.

An “Ego” should be constructed like a resume.

We would never list our perceived flaws to a future employer.

Why is it so important for getting a job and not our self image.

A positive self image is a requirement to be happy.

Unworthy “Egos” are not happy ones.

Unworthy “Egos” suffer through life.

In this moment, right now, I am overwhelmed with the amount of self-approval surrounding me. I have a warm, soothing, secure feeling.

Revise your “Ego” today.

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  1. This is a good piece on something I am very interested in. I’ve just flicked through some articles and they seem to converge on the following definitions:

    Ego– You respect yourself and the ones whom you consider superior to you.
    Self Respect– You respect yourself and everyone, irrespective of their power, money, fame, recognition, anything

    And then behaviourly;

    # A man with self-respect will never indulge in immoral acts as it will hurt his self-respect.
    # An egotist will be willing to indulge in immoral acts to protect his ego.

    # A man with self-respect will do the right thing since that will increase his self-respect.
    # An egotist will not do the right thing if it hurts his ego.

    Isn’t self-respect better than Ego?

  2. I would say it is part of our make up who we think we are.

    This is not who we really are,

    Our true self is way below
    All the noise

    Ego is this sense is the created person for me it is Marty

    Marty is the one who feels
    Superior or inferior
    The one who gets jealous, angry, resentful and greedy

    He Who feels unworthy at times
    Marty the real me has no unworthy to be found

    In this moment without those judgments I am perfect and exactly where I need to be

    If you think that means brilliance will follow you the rest of your
    Life oh no

    Life is mundane and repetitive at times
    Look at someone on an assembly line doing the same boring job everyday
    He/she does it to support their families not because they enjoy life.

    Our goal is to find joy in the middle of your
    Monotonous (judgment) job

    We can revise our ego and self respect

    No need to
    Correct the past

    Live now

  3. Posted by LovingSummer on August 31, 2019 at 6:31 am

    I like how you’ve drawn a parallel between self image and a résumé because a résumé is factual. I like facts; they’re objective without the subjectivity of feelings, though I suspect emotions could try to sink the ship of objectivity with the building of such a résumé!
    I think, after I’ve done my EMDR next week I might think about literally sitting down with pen and paper and making a self image résumé!
    Interestingly my own personal résumé is completely factual but I’ve always felt like it must be lies as it shines more than I believe it should, so I wonder if this will be exactly the same?!

  4. Subjectively your self image does not shine as bright as it should or really does.

    Most of us have a habits of unworthy self image, who we think we are is far from the truth.

    We can even feel like we will be discovered as a fraud.

    We feel as our bias and negative self image is accurate.

    Objectivity is found by sitting quiet, intensely focused, letting go all those judgments, to actually see who we are

    Want to rewrite your self image


    In this moment right now, I am perfect, I accept all of me,

    I approve and shower myself with kindness and approval.

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