A long time follower faces a real life dilemma: This is her book!



Thank you for this reminder!!! I have been stressing about next Monday. Next Monday, my book that I wrote, “Journey to a Safe Harbor, A mind, body and spiritual healing of loss, PTSD and addiction”, is going to be Book of the Day on Online Book Club, but I had to give my social media links to help the hype. I have been so worried about people’s judgement of me …… you know ….. the people that know me …… that are on my social media links. Yesterday, I figured out a way to deactivate my Facebook link, temporarily. I was going to ride the deactivation till Tuesday. But I am trying to get courage to let it run, and then hold feeling proud of the work I have done and the story I told with huge honesty. I’m feeling very anxious to undo the Deactivate, by Sunday. This post helped a great deal to bolster my courage. Thank you.




My two cents: This is a real issue for those who recover, then try yo help others. You create a blog, write a book, start a support group as the vehicle to help others.

The following attention can be uncomfortable, even scary. Our old insecurities resurrect themselves, unworthy feelings seize us momentarily.

We have improved, gained tools but a disruption in the force scares us.

What if we are criticized or ridiculed, the negative self critic laments.

Seems we have been at this crossroad before.

We have to know real danger from PTSD DANGER.

No criticism can impact who we are, it is not available to be tarnished by anyone except us.

Taking risks are part of life. What better purpose is there than giving?

Sharing your journey to benefit others is a wonderful purpose.

It is a win-win no matter the external feedback.

Replace the “What if’s” with joy for this opportunity.

My judgment sees your book as a success or this attention would not exist.

Good luck.

Please share any encouragement.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jeanetteirene on August 29, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    Thank you Marty, for your two cents. I did it!!! I un-deactivated my facebook, and I am taking the risk. So Monday……. I know I will be both holding my breath, and holding my head up high. This community on this web site has been such am important part of my healing. Thank you Marty, and than you all!!!!

  2. You have won already

    Results are way beyond our pay grade

    Remember attitude and effort is where we place our attention and energy

  3. Posted by jeanetteirene on August 29, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    That is perfectly said!

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