Limit the noise!



In the TV series “Elementary” Holmes decries, resist filling your mind with unimportant data. It works much better using less bandwidth.

Worthless trivia clogs the mind, think what trauma thoughts do to the minds ability to focus.

We can only focus on a finite amount of data at one time.

I,truly believe this and have benefitted greatly.

Trauma or unworthy thoughts get less time in my consciousness.

At the first signs of my mind grasping negative thought, I breathe and come back to now. Sight is my anchor for coming back to now.

Very simple for me, I have come back to now letting go of thought, until it is habit.

Does not take talent or intelligence, it is repetition, it is concrete and immediate. Takes more willpower and courage than smarts.

We can learn how to stop judging and start observing life.

Try it today, give up judging, come back to now, immerse yourself in what your eyes see.

Observe not judge.

It will change your personality.

Expecting different result from the same behavior is crazy.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Totally agree with you! We can start seeing and realizing a lot about life and ourselves when we stop judging and start observing!

    Have a nice day🙂

  2. Thank you for your input

    I agree

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