Ptsd makes us defensive maybe even in denial



I deal with people with PTSD, some with childhood Trauma.

Childhood trauma is a special kind of trauma, our brains have not developed, so trauma intertwines itself like an octopus with our mind.

Since trauma was endured over such a long period of time, healing is more arduous and lengthy. Remember trauma is stored with our abilities at the time it occurs.

Some trauma feels like a five year old memory to me.

Understand you have the cognitive abilities of a five year old when in the midst of this trigger firing.

Trying to think your way out will fail. It is a subconscious terrain that houses that memory.

We carry this trauma, reinforce the narrative we create with others. This narrative influences the “Ego” we create.

Think how we define “Who am I” with these influences.

Sometimes our narrative describes us as a victim of circumstance. Any narrative is a mirage.

I damn sure am not a superhero either, or some great savior of mankind.

PTSD sufferers will fight you to keep their narrative. This narrative excludes them from taking responsibility for their life.

What does your narrative say about you?



6 responses to this post.

  1. I realise I have some kind of undeveloped cognitive ability, I suppose my narrative is “I could have done so much better if …” but this is toxic. I shouldn’t regret or resent for what I didn’t amount to be.

  2. Thanks for your input.

    Judging sentences us to a narrow life

    Negative judgment sentences us to suffering in that narrow life

    Could have done better compared to what?

    Can you tolerate not having expectations like this

    Ask yourself who demanded you be a certain way or need to achieve so much

    That entity is not your friend

    Happiness does not exist inside regret. Worry or fear

    You are perfect as your true self flawed as a human

    We control effort and attitude

    Put your energy into that

    Refuse to judge urself and others as a start

    In this moment I accept all of me, I am completely worthy and kind

    Good luck

  3. My mind told me I was a victim for a very long time and I believed it. It was hard to heal and I am still in the process of healing. Sometime the negative thoughts still come to haunt me, but finding God and praying constantly help me shift those thoughts to positive ones. Thank you for sharing!❤️

  4. Much later in life I went to college, even got a masters degree in social work. Now as a highly educated social worker, and knowing many of our psychological trappings and how we act, react, and think, I find myself in the trap of still continuing to behave like a child in certain situations. Yet it is so much worse really, as I have the ability to create brilliant yet totally skewed versions of arguments and defensiveness that are still a snapshot of the “same ole, same ole.” Nothing has changed really, I am just more sophisticated in supporting my trauma informed BS. Or something like that ….


  5. Awareness always starts the journey Mick

  6. We have 60,000 thoughts a day on average that cross our path,

    The trick is to let the noise pass on by

    Thanks for your input

    We were all victims at one time, no need to continue suffering.

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