Different sides of Us!!!!!!!



We have many facets, many sides to our emotions, personality, behavior and compartmentalized, protected pieces.

Do we have a good side opposed to a bad side? We sure have choices and opportunity for good and bad behavior.

Are there good emotions and bad ones, well yes.

Do we have good thoughts and bad thoughts? Of course.

Basically we are all perfect at our core, flawed with an ego and physical body.

Our judgments distort the reality of our existence.

Our purpose is to be happy, not popular, rich or extremely powerful.

Our purpose is an internal journey of focus, giving, kindness and gratitude.

Choose to follow your inner guide not external influences.

Some situations I am an extrovert, others an introvert.

Mindfulness has taught me to lose my labels, my biased judgments about myself, others and situations.

My purpose is not to narrate life from a perch or any distance, my opportunity is to live fully in the midst of others.

I have traded in my goals, living freely in the moment gets my energy now.

We control our effort and attitude.

Understand where to direct your attention and life could be a happy one.



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