Change is most difficult



In this moment, right now I shower myself with kindness.

In this moment, can you tolerate letting go of emotional judgments or any negative thoughts?

We are starting small with only this next moment, not the rest of our lives.

Work on small, specific, concrete changes.

Change can not happen in our past and the future is nothing but speculation based on past events.

Try to be present for the next half hour.

Find out what living in the present feels like.

My meditation practice built my focus, application during the day helped change my mind.

Change does not happen easily, we need to work through the hard times when progress seems to grind to a halt.

We need to overcome mans nature to willingly suffer a familiar pain instead of trying to heal (change).

Takes persistence and courage to face our fears and make changes.



2 responses to this post.

  1. These are things I need to remember right now…

  2. We eat the elephant at little bit each meal

    In due time the elephant is go w

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