Positive controls I use daily



I have adopted small, specific skills that have change my life’s experience. May I share them?

They are related to effort and attitude but more specific.

Self image can be boosted by listening and repeating your affirmation: “In this moment, right now, I shower myself with kindness, a content, soothing feeling surrounds me”.

Say outloud, record, replace any negative thought with this affirmation.

Awareness and wisdom controls my journey. Wisdom, knowing happiness is connected with gratitude and giving.

Knowing thoughts are air, letters strewn together into words aimed at distracting us. Thoughts fade innocently away when deprived of our attention.

We control where we place our attention.

Our mind can not hold contradicting thoughts simultaneously.

Give attention to the positive, the negative loses and fades into oblivion.

We repeat this until it becomes habit. Reinforce the positive, be present, relax and enjoy the journey.

Next we control effort. Accept this challenge and give emotionally to your happiness.

If we must risk change, why not reach for a happy life.

I desire the rest of my life be happy. That does not mean a continuous flow of laughter and joy, but a way of living in the present, experiencing life to the fullest.

We never attain the goal, it is a journey, not a contest.

It’s about the way we travel!



2 responses to this post.

  1. If I could read this with my eyes closed AND while sleeping, it would be the most relaxing sleep I’ve ever had!

  2. Thank you

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