After a focused body scan I add this before we meditate



I say this in group before we meditate in a slow, quiet, calm voice with long pauses.

Now, let ’s Focus on the inner world! Let the external world fade, slow the breath, look inward, feel. Sense, bring awareness inward.

Surround your organs with a healing solution of kindness, a calm, warm feeling. Soothe your liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, intestines, and lungs. Breathe into the center of them.

Now, let’s focus on the heart.

Feel your heartbeat, feel the blood enter your arteries, flowing to the farthest capillaries, then in a while return through our veins to start another journey.

This heart is our power source, all other systems are dependent on this heart working efficiently.

Have gratitude for its blessing. It is our life source. Let the heart relax, breathe slowly into it. Exhale slowly, bring kindness to your most vital organ.

Now trace the spinal cord, our nervous system from lower back up into the reptilian brain.

Feel the flow of electricity, emotions, blood and neurotransmitters moving up and down the spine.

Feel the signals enter the brain and receive an appropriate response then flow down the spine.

Feel any blockage, any slow of the flow, up and down the spine. Breathe into it.

Each successive, slow breath dissipates more and more anxiety.

Use your breath to slow the mind first, then the nervous system Will follow, quickly.

The breath controls the nervous system.

Relax,,,,,,,,,,,, let go,,,,,,,,,,,,,focus,,,,,,,,,breathe.



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