Life moves to fast for C-PTSD sufferers

PTSD is similar to the movie “Speed”, we need to keep this bus (PTSD) moving at 55 mph or we die.

Life comes at childhood trauma victims way to fast.

We always wanted to slow life down so we could heal and catch up. It seems our PTSD symptoms have overwhelmed us our entire life.

Subconsciously, we carry our trauma intermixed with the development of our mind. Hard to tell what is trauma and what is normal mind development.

I did not understand why my life was so much different than others at school. The invisible burden I carried brought shame and guilt.

My mind felt the unworthiness of constant criticism, knowing I was flawed at such an early age. It would be decades before I integrated the stuck parts from childhood.

We do not realize the fragmentation of our mind from trauma at such an early age.

So life can seem like we need to keep the bus at 55 or we will lose, or die or something terrible will happen. That anxiety we carry with us to every situation we encounter.

Life always seemed to go to fast, getting lost or triggered was common.

I found out this was all a mirage based on my childhood trauma.

Healing is possible.

It takes real courage to sit quietly, focus and face our trauma.

It takes daily action along with the courage to keep going when things seem to languish and we get depressed.

Prepare for the battle life has brought to your doorstep, PTSD.

If it were not this challenge, it would something else, we all have challenges to overcome.

Good luck on your healing journey.

Stop that bus, it is a mirage of fear.



2 responses to this post.

  1. That last line though…so deep…so true.

  2. Yes it is

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