PTSD widens our blind spot



PTSD symptoms widen our blind spot, actually PTSD enhances the mirage we have created.

PTSD brings irrational fear, blood curdling terror when we play with our thoughts, relentlessly.

I have seen people in total denial of the severity of their trauma.

Everyone seems to have a story, a justification or an excuse in the beginning.

Sadly most PTSD people never get beyond blame or suffering.

It is easy to get lost in cycle of trauma triggers.

When fear explodes, our fight or flight firing violently, bp, respiration and heartbeat rise, cortisol and adrenaline dump, confusion, time distortion, tunnel vision take hold, then hearing and fine motor skills disappear.

Time and memory are distorted, we are confused, terrified and embarrassed. Memory is fragmented, PTSD has that unknown quality about it.

PTSD has abstract qualities inside our mind, trauma beliefs can be so wild and unreal.

I write this from personal experience, not knowledge from a book.

I tried to think my way out, that ended in agoraphobic experience for six months.

Trauma is stored in the right amygdala, we can not access it, talk to it or think our way to healing.

It takes sitting still, focusing, facing our fears, our demons.

Our trauma is a brick wall around the equator, no way to go around, necessity leaves the only path.

We have to go through that wall.



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