Threats and false alarms



From on “What is Happiness”

“It’s important to distinguish between real threats and false alarms,” suggests Hanson.

“Trust yourself to be aware of real threats, and you’ll be more comfortable dismissing the false alarms.

You need to recognize at the cognitive level and in the body that false alarms are delusional.

Learn to calm your body and build up inner strengths, such as mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion.”

Because our brains can only process a limited amount of information at any one time, he says, the more we focus on positive experiences, the less room there is for the negative to take hold.”





My two cents: Sounds like a good awareness practice based on mindfulness techniques to me.

We calm our body with focus on the breath as we slow our nervous system down.

Mind and body are intimately connected if we slow down and focus, notice.



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