Meditation: Dying into the nondual; “Beyond Mindfulness” by Stephan Bodian



Shift your attention from your thoughts to your bodily sensations.

Be aware of the sensations of your body against the chair, your feet against the floor, your hands against your thighs. Be aware of the sensations of your arms and legs, your chest and belly, your neck and head.

Be aware of the play of sensations, how they’re constantly shifting and changing and how your awareness dances from sensation to sensation.

If you look closely, you may come to realize that all you can really know of your body is the sensations you’re experiencing right now.

Everything else is your projection, the image your mind uses to fill in the gaps.

For example, you don’t experience your whole arm, you just have certain sensations in the vicinity of where you presume you arm to be, and you project the image of an arm upon it.

It’s like an impressionist painting. There are thousands of points of color onto which we project a water lily, or a woman, or a building.

In the same way, you project the concept leg or head onto a collection of sensations.

Let go of these projections, these concepts, and just be with the sensations as they are, without interpretation.

Notice that surrounding these sensations is open space where no sensation exists at all.

In fact, there’s far more space than there is sensation, and the sensations are playing or dancing in this space.

As you notice the play of sensations in the limitless openness of space, you may become aware that you can’t really find a clear dividing line between inside and outside the body; there’s just the unbroken field of sensations in space.

Notice that thoughts and feelings are playing in the same space, just like sensations.

Now shift the emphasis from the sensations to the space itself.

Rest as the awake, aware space in which thoughts, feelings, and sensations arise and pass away.

Be the open, unfurnished, limitless, ungraspable space.

Resting as the space, examine the experiences that play in the space.

Aside from these experiences, is there anything more you can know directly about the outside world that isn’t just a thought or a concept?

Doesn’t the outside world exist merely as your experience right now?

Everything else is a projection, a story.

As you examine your experience, can you find any distinction or difference between the aware space and what arises in the space?

Since the world exists only as your experience right now, is there any solid substance out there that’s different from the awareness or space in which it’s arising?

Or are awareness and experience made of the same insubstantial essence?

Sense the inseparability of awareness and the experiences arising in awareness.

Inside and outside one indivisible essence.

The looker and what’s being looked at, one and the same.

Rest as the undivided, nondual space of awakened awareness.

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