Attitude, a closer look



I believe we need to do this in all stages of our life, as we age, loss of abilities is normal.

We Assess our strengths and devise a path to follow.

Example: My injuries from a professional career, the rollover car accident, chronic pain, subsequent fusions, nerve killings, procedures and the symptoms from C-PTSD depleted my physical abilities.

70% of my endurance was gone, 50% of my strength lost.

The thought of poor me from this loss crossed my mind. Why me lingered for a week.

Being a jock prepared me for dealing with pain and loss. I assessed the strengths I had left.

Hiking uphill fulfilled my needs for exercise.

Lifting weights aggravated my spinal cord injuries, running agitated my fake knee and I never learned to swim, so hiking uphill was perfect.

I had to learne a different way of judging my daily performance.

Some days my legs were fatigued, on these days I went much slower.

I learned to judge my effort. This changed everything, I stopped judging me, personally.

Judgment was about quality and quantity of effort.

On my tired days my effort was greater to just hike. I found value where loss had ruled.

In the past my judgment would of been harsh, like failure, a sub par performance.

Life is a journey not a goal driven reality.

Assess your strengths and give all out effort without judgment.

Now, I enjoy challenging myself physically within my capabilities.

Knowing this makes life’s challenges easier.



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