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I ponder what has helped me heal and enjoy life in a calmer more secure way. Running a mindfulness group helps me see what changes impact their journey.

I see simple things have made enormous impact. My ability to focus on the breath, erases all that worry, doubt and unworthiness for awhile.

The time spent ruminating in these negative emotions has been drastically reduced. More time is spent being present, observing what my senses take in.

Being empty of all that distraction, eliminates all that wasted time, no need to heal what never establishes a toe hold.

We remain more balanced, calmer, the exact attitude to cultivate healing and happiness.

I realize how much my inner guide effortlessly brings solutions and ideas forward at times.

Intuition flows much more freely.

My mind which once facilitated PTSD’s torment, brings peace and opportunity.

At least it brings choices, I can decide to entertain where my mind applies “ATTENTION”.

This small skill seems to have the greatest impact on my day to day life.

In this moment, with this breath, I can be present and focused.

We can control that behavior, results are above our pay grade.

It is a small change.

Any thoughts?



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  1. I have noticed a huge difference in you since I met you three years ago, Marty. You taught me me and it has made a huge impact in my life in a very positive way. Your posted are very helpful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful share! 🙏🏻

  3. We admire and stand in awe of the retraining you’ve done neurologically. You must practice so much, which shows us your dedication and perseverance and offers us hope. Does it get easier? You write of the new flow and intuition. Give attention to things other than fear and memory? Thanks

  4. I had no choice, my life was a mess, so I made healing my job. I worked on it all day long.

    Once you
    make friends with ur nervous system things can calm down

    It does get easier and our focus grows

    When trauma wakes up I play defense

    No judgments or decisions or emotions are grasped

    I have learned to let go and be present

    That seems to make a huge difference

  5. Let go or be dragged, a therapist had a magnet with those words.

    Make friends with, those are nice words

    To stop grasping, oh please let that be us soon!

  6. I forgot thank you for your gratitude

    Helping others, giving back and having enormous gratitude has made big changes in my attitude and life

    My childhood abuse was horrible but I was given the tools to heal

    If I were to judge myself I would judge on my actions, what I have overcome to describe me

  7. Ptsd is a bluff

    When our fight or flight mechanism fires violently we avoid deny freeze or fight.

    In a half hour all calms down

    We do not realize that nothing happened

    Our defense mechanism has fired and then dissipated

    Nothing is damaged
    Nothing to fear

    But I ran until I had tools to extinguish it

    When I was healing and could integrate
    My triggers while
    Meditating I went to trigger places and used my power to kill ptsd

    It is a war we are fighting but we fight by surrendering to the beast

  8. We have to reach a no thought stage, while we focus on our breath

    That is key

    I can help you with that and am willing to face time and meditate with you

  9. We don’t choose words like war, fight, kill, battle. We won’t judge your choice to use what helps you. We’re hopeful because you created a new discipline.

    We like when you say befriend and not judge. These feel gentle.

    Thank you for offer to help. We prefer to read and write versus other forms of communication. You are generous to us

  10. I agree, adapt things to your strengths

    Our left hemisphere is very literal and words are important

    We surrender to our fears. We want to be curious and explore the body sensations connected to our emotions

    I found I had to be vulnerable to let go

    That takes practice

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