Healing is not a spectator sport



If we want to heal, daily work is necessary.

All my reading and blogging blessed me with a direction and tools, not healing.

Healing came with application and daily practice.

Simple, small, concrete tasks repeated daily, benefitted me the most.

Having a purpose was extremely important.

Believing I could heal or at least battle everyday with a good attitude was important.

Being humble was part of my journey.

Letting go of the narrative about I, me, mine needing importance and approval was important.

I had to train my mind to focus and let go.

This is the path to freedom.



4 responses to this post.

  1. i’m happy the effort has
    been been beneficial for you!
    i’ve found benefits, myself.
    wonderful encouraging others
    to put theories into action 🙂

  2. Thank you for the sentiment

    Giving is on the path

  3. I suffer from PTSD in which being exposed to the experiences of war. Coming home was everything for me not knowing what I would be subjected to. What I have done to my family especially my beautiful wife. As she worries for me I pushed and emotionally terrorized her for wanting better for me. Just for loving me. Now on the verge of divorce how do I reconcile this. I am actively doing the work now but it appears to be too late. But not my children. It’s hard, I can’t fully understand or forgive myself for my actions. I’ve lost the special purpose of my life my wife.

  4. I am sorry you are experiencing this. PTSD can eat up our life, consume and confuse us.

    We can not heal everything at one time. The best we can do is focus on ourselves. We need to fix ourselves before we can help others.

    Good therapy helps, strenuous aerobic exercise helps, taking positive action helps.

    Learning to meditate, or to focus on my breath in a specific way, soothed my nervous system and allowed me to let all that noise fade away.

    You can heal. You can be happy but it will take daily practice and breath to breath awareness.

    We can not let our mind wander, to ruminate or we suffer.

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