My Mindfulness Group is not what I envisioned but what I needed



My mindfulness group meets inside the county mental health building. NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) office is located on the second floor.

Walking through the lobby every Thursday reminds me of the gratitude I need to carry around. I walk through real suffering, homeless elderly women, a lobby full of people in crisis.

My mindfulness group does not draw those looking for happiness, awakening or enlightenment.

Many have depression, PTSD, bi polar disorder, anxiety, etc. and are searching for help. They are taking action, it is rare.

I try to change the judgments they have made about themselves.

Having our challenges does not mean we did something wrong or we caused them.

We are not the center of this earth, life is not against us, pain does not have an emotion, it is not angry either.

There is no fear in our defense mechanism (fight or flight mechanism), it is a physiological mechanism.

We add the fear with our thoughts.

Our worries can overwhelm us or we can let them pass, and be joyful in this moment.

I have financial worries, health worries and worries about my grandkids, but these worries do not steal my present moment of experiencing my grandkids and life.

We have to clear a space without our unworthy thoughts and judgments.

That inner space, void of bias and judgments, is available if we can focus our mind in a specific way.

I know how lucky I am when I walk through that lobby.

This wisdom allows me to release my worry and appreciate all that I have.

Not possessions, but the skills and tools to have a chance at happiness. Healing has given my the skill to help other improve their lives.

Running the mindfulness group has benefitted me more than those I try to help.

Giving is a true boomerang if done without regard for reward.

We share this journey with others, not in competition.

Those awards, possessions and titles are worthless when we leave this planet.

If you want to carry something into the afterlife look at the lives of Mother Theresa, Mandela or Lincoln to see what is valuable. (Givers all)




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  1. WOW. Thank you for sharing Marty

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