Let’s try a visualization of the mind trying to focus



Our mind is like this multiplex movie theater. Ten different movies to choose from.

We have the most popular movies in cinemas 1 through 7. Worry and doubt, resentment, search for approval, being a hero, unworthiness, losing and anxiety are played over and over.

Sometimes the movies are powerful, emotionally packed and frightening while a few are filled with confidence and us winning, overcoming incredible challenges.

Different stimulii can elicit these most popular movies at any moment.

The key is perspective and duration. Sometimes these movies 🎥 play without our input.

Our goal is to limit the time we spend in this dream world we have created.

Even the positive movies with us being the champion takes us away from reality, this very moment.

Our focus determines our plight.

If our focus is strong we can let these cinematic masterpieces go and come back to now, empty of the mirages of our mind.

We have accumulated bias and judgments about ourselves and how we are seen by others.

It is the “Ego” we have constructed to mirror these movies.

Real life is passing us by as we give our attention to them.

Trade these movies in for this mundane, real moment.

Our greatest power to influence our life lies in our ability to let these mirages die from lack of attention.

We are not the characters in any of these movies.




Look at these seats! We should have these seats when we fly.


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