How do we change identification with the dream character?



Awareness always starts our path to change.

My dream character was always anchored in my childhood abuse, soaked in criticism, filled with unworthiness, a fragile self image.

My coping mechanism was over achievement, another reaction to the conditioned love from childhood.

Somehow, acheiving things, inflated my worthiness for short bursts of an otherwise shameful dream of my existence.

Looking back this dream was a daily companion, life brought suffering in this created world.

Looking back, I see how past thoughts, judgments about who I was, dominated my life.

How could anyone find happiness in that hollow, unworthy self image.

I created all of that mirage.

Now, I am dissecting parts of my old dream, trading that diatribe in for being in this moment.

I have found, that living in the current moment without judgment offers many opportunities of living fully, even feeling happy at times.

Meditation, focus on the breath, has been the vehicle that helped me release my dream character.

I need not be impacted by my past, need not carry that weight any farther.

It is difficult to be open, to surrender to what we fear, what we have created through our judgments.

Start chipping away at that old self image you been carrying around like a ball and chain.

Please share your thoughts on your journey?



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on June 23, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    Wow. Stuck in the same dream. Thank you for sharing.

  2. We do not realize why we react to certain things or why we think we are like this or that

  3. Great post! It seems we are on the same journey, and isn’t it wonderfully exciting and terrifying? The chipping away of the old can be terrifying when one is not sure what might be lurking underneath. What I have found in myself is that I am a kind person, with a huge heart that feels love deeply, not at all what I thought I would find!

  4. Excellent insight

    We are more comfortable with our known suffering than risking healing and revealing the unknown even if it may contain happiness

    We need to be aware of this jail we erect

    An invisible jail of judgment

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