perceiving the interior of our body, the subtleties



“Interoception is the skill of perceiving the interior of our body, we draw upon the sensations of our muscles,

the signals from our heart and intestines.”

We slow the breath, soothing the nervous system, calming our interior. With each breath we slow and focus more intently.

We notice our body sensations, the more powerful ones first, then the more subtler ones as our breathing builds focus.

We notice the expanding of our lungs, the pause, then the exhale without judgment.

Next we focus on the heart, slowing its beat with every breath.

We listen for the sounds of our inhales, exhales and heartbeat.

This is the point where we sense the small, mini reactions of our body.

The often overlooked mini reactions of our internal world, the twitches, the knots, the tingling or tightness go unnoticed.

Anxiety, worry doubt and fear manifest in the body this way.

Certain thoughts and emotions manifest in small body sensations.

Our job is to explore these manifestations, then accept them.

Many times we feel numb and ignore these signals.

We take our breath to each of these mini reactions and hang out.

Bring a curious mind to the inner world.

Get to know where you manifest thoughts and emotions.

Knowing our inner world intimately allows us to connect with the outer world in healthy ways.



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