Meditation/Mindfulness is hard for a novice to understand, the words seem hollow, uneventful



Much of the terminology of meditation/mindfulness makes no sense to a novice. Reading words like be in the moment, no thought stage, remain just words.

No thought seems boring, a useless blank canvas.

I have worked with some who believe their ability to think intelligently defines them. We think what we do or what we have accomplished is who we are.

Being present, in the moment seems a small uneventful situation.

When we meditate, our focus transfers from our left, cognitive hemisphere to our creative, no thought hemisphere.

The left hemisphere has no words, sentences, judgments, right or wrong, god or bad, past or future, none!!!!!!!!!!

Our mind is at its best, most brilliant, most capable, when we are focused and in a no thought stage (Right hemisphere).

Like being in nature, all alone miles from the nearest metropolis, we feel nature through our senses without thought.

We do not introduce ourselves to a bear we encounter, Hi, I am Marty.

Our Ego is worthless out here, the bear could give a shit what my name is, or who I think I am.

When thought subsides with focus and practice, we experience our inner guide, our inner world and our potential happiness.

How will you ever know the true you, surely not by thinking?

How will you ever be truly happy?

Remember happiness has gratitude and giving at its core.

It also has Worry, doubt, fear, jealousy, resentment, anger in perspective.

Happiness only exists in the now.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Happiness in the now of the present moment is the now and the now and the now and the now again as we constantly bring our consciousness soul focus back to the center we actually exist in, which can be returned to only in the practice of this mindfulness. Like I wrote about my siamese cat Viktor and his nystagmus which was so endearing: we must forgive ourselves and do this thing despite what was done to us via trauma, that soul-sucking energy system trapping us.
    I thank GOD for you, Marty. I found your breathing track seven years ago.
    It's love, and unstoppable.

  2. Thank you for your kindness

    In my mindfulness group I have witnessed people reach a no thought stage within a month or two using the breathing track

    It is not some miraculous thing just a tool, a model that helps us focus and let thought go

    Yes meditating opens our compassion centers

    Open your arms all the way to your sides.

    Your heart is a butterfly net surrender to everything that arises when u meditate

    Meditating teaches how to be humble how to be vulnerable
    How to live in the moment

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