Being our own Detective



My healing contained a plethora of detective work.

Triggers can manifest in the most harmless places but the core of our issues are much deeper under the surface.

It takes detective skills to pick up the mind and body subtleties.

We must notice what causes our fears to improve.

We must sense if our healing effort is working. Are we improving?

We must discover our nervous system, our body sensations, and our fears intimately, organically, not cognitively.

We search our inner world, the place where healing takes place and happiness originates.

We become aware of our body sensations, our reactions to thought and emotion, noticing where they are stored inside our body.

Listen intently, sense intimately even the smallest of body sensations. Calm yourself and feel!

Discover the internal you and let the external stimulii lose power for a while.

Can you tolerate being curious when Worry, stress or fear arrives?



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