Goals in Meditation



I was taught at the Zen center to have no goals while sitting. We were taught to follow our inner guide.

Having goals brings thought, judgment and cognition. We will judge our practice, decide if we are successful or failing or maybe languishing.

In my group, our one goal is to build a strong focus to reach a no thought stage. This no thought stage is where all the magic starts, the body and mind start soothing and repairing itself.

In the beginning, we separate engaging with thoughts as we focus on our breath. We can see our thoughts in the distance, passing on through.

Eventually thought ceases and time disappears as we feel the body sensations connected to those thoughts.

My group has learned to use their senses to build focus.

Our visual is the breathing track model, next listening for the inhales and exhales, then notice the aromas present.

These are all concrete, specific and immediate, no thought is necessary.

Knowing what to do when we close our eyes is extremely important.

Counting my breaths did not work for me or most of those who I know.

It is abstract and vague. At the Zen center, we did not know if we were really meditating.

Use this model when you close your eyes. The model is a continuum, no where to get lost.

Meditation is an accumulative practice, like lifting weights, muscle has memory.



Start at the bottom right corner. Proceed slowly up the blue arrow, the inhale. Next we have a green pause, followed by the exhale (red). Last we pause again to complete one breath cycle. Repeat, over and over.

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