Some questions we never think of asking ourselves



Is my life a happy one?

Can I be happy, just as I am?

What holds me back from being happy?

What needs to happen for me to be happy?

How much time and focus do I invest in being Happy?

What actions hinder my chances at being Happy?

How important is the pursuit of happiness in my life?

How do others attain happiness?

Please share your feelings?



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  1. I used to be happy much of the time, but depression seems to have taken away the capacity for happiness.

  2. Thanks for the response.

    So you are aware
    Depression is the roadblock

    Now you can address that awareness

    After my triple
    Rollover, concussion and fusion, I was homebound for a year

    Depression came to visit and once I was depressed, it took days to unwind the negative, dark hole.

    I became aware of how my
    Thoughts would turn negative a few days before depression would take hold

    That’s when my practice of being aware of my thoughts and focus moment to moment

    Depression can be overwhelming but making small
    Adjustments can start to minimize the duration

    Remember back to when you were happy if you can and see how it felt

  3. Another thing that helped me with depression and PTSD was aerobic exercise. I would hike uphill to stress my cardiovascular and ling capacity.

    I would say depression, chronic pain or PTSD was trying to make my legs stop. Being a jock at heart, this challenge let me know that depression, pain or ptsd could not stop my legs from moving and moving with energy.

    Find a challenge, an opponent to battle physically.

    Depression enemy is action.

    We isolate when we feel depressed or unworthy. It depletes energy and fuels negative emotions.

    Knowing and being aware of the contributing factors gives us a roadmap

    Thanks again for sharing Ashley

  4. Posted by Vic on June 7, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    Looking outward and staying busy building/improving things for making the world a little better keeps my spirits up. I find that long periods of idle time stir my demons.

  5. Thanks Vic

    The idle mind rambles into the deep pit of negative thought and emotion

    The focused mind is calm and aware

    It comes down to accepting ourselves totally right now, then we have a chance at being happy

  6. A great collection of questions that almost everyone should just reflect on. And for me yes I’m happy about my life, what I’m doing and about almost everything i have in my life. Everything can change in a blink of an eye so without pressuring about things we can’t control, we must focus on all the blessings we have and develop gratitude 🙂 “now” is all we have. Therefore it’s just pointless to get stressed over the past of future. That’s my opinion 🙂

  7. Or future *

  8. Thanks for that wisdom

    Gratitude and giving are rungs on the ladder to the happy plateau

  9. Posted by Vic on June 8, 2019 at 5:11 am

    Marty, Perfect timing for your reply to my comment. Just finished attending our son’s HS graduation. Sitting there for several hours reminiscing on my childhood, or lack of one, brought me into a stupor. I should have just been happy for him instead of looking at my own shit. I’m realizing it, so catching myself. Trying to focus on the now and my projects for tomorrow. Thanks!

    “The idle mind rambles into the deep pit of negative thought and emotion

    The focused mind is calm and aware

    It comes down to accepting ourselves totally right now, then we have a chance at being happy”

  10. Thanks for sharing Vic,

    Our trauma memories are stored differently and in a different part of the brain, the right amygdala. We can not access them consciously.

    They are stored when they occur with the tools or lack of them we had at the time. That means we feel like a kid with kid skills when we tap into these past memories.

    Our first task is to be aware of what is happening. That way we can limit the damage.

    Tough to heal or integrate these traumas when they explode like this, so we focus on our breath, and know to let go.

    Realize we are not kids anymore and the trauma is long over. These traumas will never happen again and this is a visible symptom of complex ptsd

    It is irrational by definition and triggers can have our fight or flight mechanism attached to them.

    PTSD is warning us of an imminent danger that no longer exists. The adrenaline and cortisol are real and very powerful drugs.

    Practice building your focus when things calm to prepare to integrate them next time.

    That means we stay present next time this happens. We breathe, follow the breath as things explode. If we can let go, just observing without judgment or focused only on the breath, these ptsd symptoms lose some power.

    Sounds like you recognized what was happening and took action

    That is wonderful and the right reaction.

    For us, letting our mind wander into our past brings suffering

    This present moment kills ptsd. PTSD does not exist when we learn to focus and let go

    Good luck

  11. I’ve been working hard on this lately. For many years I felt that I did not deserve to be happy. It’s a struggle, but I’m climbing that hill!

  12. Good for you

    Those old beliefs are erroneous and a mirage

  13. Thank you. I’m on the right road now!

  14. Takes daily action to change, heal or be happy

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