We are one trigger away from _____?

One trigger away from getting worse or healing. It depends on our response.


Like everyone else I feared a trigger exploding, dumping cortisol and adrenaline, over stimulating my nervous system. Triggers grow in power when we deny, escape or freeze up.


Now, I see triggers as an opportunity to heal, to integrate our trauma to current time.
PTSD scares us most when it fires our fight or flight mechanism. Constant triggers firing drives our nervous system crazy. I used to shake from all the cortisol in my system.


Ironically PTSD is at its weakest at this same point.


If we can stay present, focused on our breath during a trigger, it will lose power.


Each successive time we focus and stay present, PTSD loses more power.

Triggers are our best opportunity to heal as quickly as possible.


Meditation/Mindfulness allows us to observe triggers in the safety of our mind.


A safe prolonged exposure therapy.


When you feel safe, you can search out and extinguish your triggers in real time.

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