Thoughts on growing Gratitude





Gratitude can not live in the midst of jealousy, resentment, worry, doubt or fear.


If our time is wrapped up in these negative emotions, how could we be grateful.


Part of the challenge is accepting all we have right now as enough. This skill takes practice and application.


It took me six months with a therapist to actually use acceptance skillfully.


That does not mean we do not strive for more but that desire is in perspective.


If I am resentful or jealous of others who have more, gratitude can not exist.


Remember happiness only happens right now, this moment, then opportunity passes on to the next moment.


If you believe you need to accomplish something, earn something, you will never be happy.


We need to accept everything about life and ourselves, the good, the bad, the neutral and the mundane.


Work on accepting the smaller flaws we perceive before working on things that embarrass us or we feel some shame about.

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