Late, trying to get done as quickly as possible.


I was rushing, doing the laundry, trying to get done as quickly as possible.

A big bell went off in my head. Slow down, become aware, focus!

I became aware of the judgments, maybe subconscious that led to this behavior.


Apparently, I did not want to fold clothes and put them away. Let me preface this account with my living situation, I live with my daughter and three grandkids 6, 8, 11. (Lots of laundry)


Yes, it has always been a mundane chore. I was judging this as a chore, an unpleasant chore.

I knew better. My mind had dissociated into memory and future planning. In this mindset, laundry was unpleasant.


This created a man-made dilemma, time, being late. We lose focus when we are late, stress builds and awareness evaporates.


My life was not being lived fully doing the laundry. A minor thing unless this dissociation runs into the rest of my life.


If we checked out of all mundane situations, life would lose any chance for happiness.


I know happiness is entering our mundane parts everyday.


There must be more inside these moments that we miss daily.


This path to happiness is very subtle, seemily underneath simple situations.

Our challenge is to find ways that simple, mundane situations become enjoyable and important.


Purpose, I think!


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