Meditation brings awareness to the senses.

First we focus on the breath, slowing the pace, elongating the cycle gently. Next we start to extend the exhales, calming the nervous system intentionally.


Relax, no right or wrong, good or bad where we are headed.


We listen for the softest sound in the room. We then go below that decibel level, listening for the sound of our inhales and exhales.


We feel our interior world for body sensations, irritations, spasms, tightness, pain, and any other insight. Bring the breath to these areas and relax. Be curious about exploring your inner world.


Next we investigate what we see with our eyes closed. It could be dark, a grey fuzz, vibrant colors or something in between. Some people experience light shows, mine is a grey pattern.


If you are sitting in a chair, feel your soles connect with the floor and your butt grounded in the seat. Feel gravity weigh your calm body downward.


Some people light their favorite incense when they sit. Notice the smells in the room. Certain aromas help calm us for our journey.


All of our senses require no thought and are ever present. Intense awareness of the senses brings us back to now.


Enjoy the time you have taken to be kind to yourself.


Observe the senses intimately without judgment or cognitive input.



Start slow and enjoy the awakening.

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