Are thoughts real, accurate or maybe noise

Where do thoughts originate? Neuroscientists say 60,000 cross our path everyday on average. That is more than one every second.


60 thoughts every minute. Not one of those thoughts will lead you to happiness or healing. Spend your time handling these thoughts and you will waste your entire life.


Suffering will be your companion on this journey.

Those who suffer value these thoughts and give them power.

Attention and belief powers them inside our minds.

Sounds so simple to say let go and stay present.


These words mean nothing, it is the action of doing that frees us.

Meditation/Mindfulness is not an intellectual property. You can not read a book, take a class or think your way to healing or happiness.

Meditation/Mindfulness has to be practiced. You have to sit quietly with your mind and observe, let go and trust.


It sounds extremely simple.


It is not!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Practice, we have to practice our whole lives.

  2. Life is a journey we practice
    To stay present on that journey
    Thanks for your input

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