How do we motivate ourselves?

Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

First, a positive attitude is essential. How many depressed people seem motivated? That first step is a formidable one for a seriously depressed person.

Second, an emotional purpose reigns supreme. Write down your purpose and the daily activity to fulfill your purpose. Get it out of your head, on paper with the ability to look at it realistically.

We can distort anything that remains in our minds only. Meditation allows us to let go of the judgments and stay present. In this moment, unencumbered by thought motivation seems easier.

We yearn to be free again, the ability to relax, to enjoy the simple things in life. Is that emotionally charged enough for you to take daily action?


Next, it is much easier to take on smaller, specific tasks, to start our journey. We eat the elephant one bite at a time, we develop great focus starting with ten minutes a day.


We need to realize daily exertion of energy and desire over long periods of time accomplishes much more for us.


Accountability is also important. Write down your day to day goals. We can commit to all out effort. I may not succeed but I will show up and practice with passion. It is half the battle.


Give yourself praise for your effort. Leave accomplishment alone for a while. Observe, not judge your performance.

Reward yourself, self soothe with kind words and actions.


Smile, your perception shapes your attitude. Believe in yourself and it will come true.


It is a process, a journey not a destination.


Remember happiness is right now, not tomorrow or ten years from now.

Act like it and enjoy the journey, the details, life.


Please share your motivational secrets.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Zeeshan Amin on April 30, 2019 at 1:24 am

    Find a meaningful something that should be above & beyond the rest of the world (including yourself).

  2. Writing down weekly goals in my journal helps me to get motivated to make at least some progress by the time I do my end-of-week review.

  3. I agree

    I am amazed at how few care to improve or find a way to fight back

  4. Posted by adordo on May 28, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    This is a great article! Writing down goals is a great way – I also like to write my dreams, and take a step out the frame to look back at what I’ve actually achieved… what do you think?

  5. Goals are good, but coming back to now to live life is our path.

    Be creative with your mind, so much of the mind lays dormant.

    We attain our goals thru daily, long term actions. Goals should inspire daily action for us. A direction

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