Meditation, nutrition, exercise are ________?


Meditation, nutrition and exercise are rarely used in healthcare, physical or mental.

Physicians pass out pills while clients desire a quick fix. We treat symptoms instead of correcting the root cause of illness.  How often have you heard your therapist demand extensive work between sessions.  That’s what it takes to heal.

Physicians and therapists receive little or no training on nutrition, meditation or exercise.


Our diet causes many of our issues, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Pills do not address or change our bad behavior. They are quick and effortless though.

Doctors touch on exercise. I have never heard a therapist mention exercise or strenuous aerobic exercise.


We hear the mind-body connection constantly but exercise somehow never is recommended. When my mind was frozen from constant fight or flight firing, aerobic exercise could deplete all the cortisol and adrenaline.

The accomplishment my body enjoyed was shared by my mind. Stressed out, triggered or frozen mentally could not stop my legs from moving. Aerobic exercise gave me so many benefits during my worst PTSD days.

Movement is closer to life, sedentary closer to death.

Doctors rarely address attitude (mind) or ways it impacts physical disease. Some therapists use mindfulness in therapy however few have ever had a regular meditation practice.

Mindfulness (Meditation) if nothing else, gives the client, us, something to practice between therapy sessions. Mindfulness gives us a tool to regulate emotions, to follow the therapists instructions and to use anytime we need to focus and come back to now.

We heal ourselves internally. A pill has never healed PTSD, and never will. Your therapists will not heal you.


Look in the mirror, and know that is who is responsible for your life, healing or suffering.

Next post we will discuss the need for motivation or the skill to motivate clients.

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