Watering our garden!!


We are the garden, our mind, the head gardener!


Aiming our focus at taking action instead of results frees us.


If we water our self worth daily, the results will follow on their own.


Small, simple, concrete, repeatable actions program our mind, not large, complex, abstract ones.


Living in the moment, supported by how we water our garden, determines much of life.


External stimulus can be the same, our internal reaction decides if it is good, bad, or maybe without a judgment.

We can let the external noise pass without our judgment.


If we must judge, use this skill sparingly!


Water your garden, give yourself inner peace.

2 responses to this post.

  1. In reading this I was reminded of a blog post I wrote a couple years ago. I had forgotten I had written it. You might find it interesting.


  2. Very nice post
    Thank you for the input

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