Topics in my Mindfulness group





We discussed our intention or goal for our mindfulness/meditation practice.


Awareness always comes first. We try to be aware of the observer, that person who sees thinking without being part of thought.


Focus on the breath, meditating, carves out a space between stimulus and response. This space gives us a chance to not react.


We also discussed the “Ego’s” role in judging stimulus in a biased way,  reacting  differently than our core values.  


Meditating slows the speed of the mind, focuses intently on this moment,  and makes the space available to change behavior.


The “Ego” is front and center when we experience judgment and strong emotion.


I challenged the group to notice their “Ego” during the week. Yes, become aware of your “Ego’s” bias, feelings and behavior.


Example: Months ago, a friend said something that made me angry. I responded to him in this way, my “Ego” is pissed at you.


I had separated my “Ego” and abandoned my normal reaction.  I was amused and calm instead of reactionary and aggressive.


It takes actual application of mindfulness to reap the benefits.


Work on small challenges everyday to accelerate your healing and wellbeing.


Any other ideas?



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